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Whether you enjoy a treat regularly or only every now and then you can still be on our rewards program! If you have a smart phone you can download our rewards app called Spot On Mobile. No smart phone? No problem! We also have cards that you can easily sign up with the next time you are in.

How it works:

For each dish, swirl fusion or cone you purchase you get a spot. After 3 spots you can redeem themĀ for a free topping , 5 for a free drink, 10 for a free t-shirt or a free dish valued up to $5!

If you download the app you will have the option to be notified any time we are running a special. Make sure to keep an eye out for our e-mails. They are often filled with extra deals and ways to save!

We love our customers and are glad to help you get signed up or if you have any questions!